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May 26, 1956 in Columbus, Oh.
August 4, 1956 in Miami when Elvis bought his 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II.
August 7, 1956 - St. Petersburg, Florida

October 28, 1956 in a break prior to the Ed Sullivan show. last pic. is with with British comedienne Joyce Grenfell seen in the background,who starred in the same Ed Sullivan show.. From Joyce Grenfell's autobiography 'In Pleasant Places', Joyce recalls that when she arrived at the CBS Studio at two o'clock that afternoon,there were barricades on West 56th Street to hold back the crowds of girls who had been there since early morning hoping to catch a glimpse of Elvis. Diary entry 28th October 1956: "Elvis is a pasty-faced plump boy of twenty one. At rehearsal he wore a navy blue sweater with red stripes round the yoke. His hair isn't long and his sideburns arn't that long either. For the show he wore a Kelly green jacket,grey pants and white buckskin desert boots. When he was introduced to me he said,as he looked away 'Nice to know you honey' . I asked him if all the adulation was very trying. He called me ma'am and said.'I don't want to brag,but I'm kinda used to it now. It's been goin' on a year' I thought he was pleasant,a bit of a roly-ploy boy,but a good singer of his sort of hillbilly songs. We were photographed together. He put his arm round my neck and breathed down my ear-hole."

Elvis fans gather at Studio 50,Sunday October 28th 1956.
The New York Times October 29, 1956, Monday PRESLEY RECEIVES A CITY POLIO SHOT; Singer Sets an Example for Teen-Agers ....
A shot in the arm - Elvis Presley receives a salk polio vaccine shot in New York City on Oct. 28. Giving the shot is Dr. Harold Fuerst of New York. Holding Presleys arm is Dr. Leona Baumgartner, commissioner of the New York City health department.
10/29/1956-New York, NY: Elvis Presley stands in the doorway signing autographs for a group of girl fans today. The rock 'n roll sensation was cornered at a midtown movie studio where he is filming an additional scene for his first film "Love Me Tender."

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