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 1. "Elvis Has Left the Building" turns up 823 hits on 

 2. Sideburns. 

 3. Disney's new animated cartoon, "Lilo and Stitch," will feature 
    five classic Elvis tunes and a new version of "Burning Love" by 
 4. Las Vegas. 

 5. El Vez, "the Latin Elvis," whose discography 
    includes "Graciasland" and "Misery Tren." 

 6. The official Elvis site carries a 24-hour "GracelandCam" with 
    live shots of the mansion, as if the "the King" himself might walk 
    outside any minute. 
 7. British TV chef Nigella Lawson featured Elvis's fried peanut 
    butter and banana sandwiches on her program "Nigella Bites." 
 8. Just last month, a Florida company was granted rights by a 
    division of Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis to use Elvis's 
    image on its cellular phone face plates. 
 9. The list of countries that have issued an Elvis postage stamp now 
    includes the Central African Republic, St. Vincent and the Malagasy 
10. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi sang "I Can't Help 
    Falling in Love With You" at a recent dinner in Australia and 
    proclaimed it his favorite song. 
11. More than 600,000 people go to Graceland every year, making it 
    second only to the White House as a tourist draw. More than half of 
    the visitors are under the age of 35. 
12. Priscilla Presley, who remade herself into a successful actress 
    and is said to be looking to produce a Broadway play. 
13. A book called "The Inventory of the Estate of Elvis A. Presley" 
    is currently in its second edition. has only three copies 
    left; more are on the way. 
14. Documentary film "Schmelvis: Searching for the King's Jewish 
    Roots," will debut on the Bravo cable network June 18. 
15. The number of officially registered Elvis impersonators in the 
    United States is up to 35,000. 
16. Ann-Margret. 
17. The "Elvis Presley 6 Figure Series 1: Aloha from Hawaii," by X 
18. Mike Powell, an Elvis impersonator from Texas, recent started 
    a "support page" for Elvis impersonators on the Internet to "provide 
    links to manufacturers of Elvis jumpsuits and accessories." 
19. Gyrating hips. 
20. A Virginia furniture manufacturer is releasing The Elvis Presley 
    Collection that includes large "Love Me Tender" bed and the "Burning 
    Love" heart-shaped mirror. 
21. At the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, weddings cost $55 
    to $225, but having an Elvis impersonator officiate will cost $495. 
22. A Texas A & M professor has written "The Tao of Elvis," 
    described as "the first attempt to illustrate Elvis's Taoist nature 
    and interpret his never-ending search for purpose and meaning." 
23. Today marks the release of the CD "Karaoke: Songs Made Famous By 
    Elvis Presley." 
24. The book, "Are You Hungry Tonight?: Elvis' Favorite Recipes," 
    features detailed instructions for recreating Elvis and Priscilla's 
    wedding cake. 
25. "Suspicious Minds," his last No. 1 single. 
26. The sneer. 
27. The pine oaks in front of Graceland are featured in the 
    book, "America's Famous and Historic Trees." 
28. Elvis' motorcycle collection is a major pilgrimage for members 
    of the Hells Angels. 
29. The National Archives has more than 9 million photographs. The 
    one of President Richard Nixon shaking hands with Elvis in December 
    1970 is still by the far the most requested reprint. 
30. Hate-rapper Eminem feels its necessary to lash out at Elvis fans 
    on his new CD. 
31. U2 - spiritual descendants. 
32. Bill Clinton's Secret Service code name: Elvis. When he played 
    the sax on "The Arsenio Hall Show," the song was "Heartbreak Hotel." 
33. "Be Elvis! A Guide to Impersonating the King" by Rick Marino, 
    Adam Woog - only two copies left on; more on the way. 
34. Shoppers on can buy a genuine piece of Elvis' hair 
    that was clipped and saved by his barber, Fred Stoll, in 1970. The 
    price: $695. 
35. Girlfriend June Juanico, Elvis' date back in 1955, is still out 
    there talking about it to anyone who will listen. She insists they 
    never did "the wild thing." 
36. Cybill Shepherd is still talking about her date with Elvis in 
    Memphis back in 1972. She said: "He was gorgeous then, and I didn't 
    look so bad either." 
37. Lisa Marie Presley, who managed to put a new twist on her dad's 
    rebelliousness and spirituality by marrying Michael Jackson, quite 
    briefly, and joining the Church of Scientology. 
38. More than 600 pages of Elvis' FBI file are on the Internet. Most 
    of the papers concern extortion plots against "The King" and his 
    bizarre contacts with Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover. 
39. Among the 425 books about Elvis on Amazon are several cookbooks 
    and "Christmas with Elvis." 
40. The Flintstones in "Viva Rock Vegas." 
41. VH1's "100 Greatest Rock & Roll Moments on TV" special lists 
    Elvis's 1968 comeback special as No. 2. (The Beatles on "The Ed 
    Sullivan Show" was No. 1.) 
42. The cellblock performance clip from "Jailhouse Rock." 
43. "Blue Hawaii" on late-night cable TV. 
44. The from Australia" Web site. 
45. In the current voting for the United Kingdom's favorite No. 1 
    song of all-time, "Jailhouse Rock" is No. 9. 
46. The closing riff on 1972's "Burning Love" - "I said a hunka 
    hunka burning love!" 
47. Radio Two, the most popular radio station in Belgium, recently 
    announced plans to play nothing but Elvis records for 24 hours on 
    Aug. 15. 
48. "Blue Christmas." 
49. A new musical "jukebox" program for Palm handheld devices has 
    just been released. Its name: "Elvis." 
50. Emergency patients at Regional Medical Center in Memphis are 
    sent to the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center. 
51. "Tervetuloa Suomen Elis-kerho" - The Official Elvis Presley Fan 
    Club of Finland. 
52, Also on the Web, "The First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis." 
53. The Elvis fan club of Ireland has raised more than $200,000 for 
    various charities. Its other stated mission is "Keeping the name 
    of 'Elvis Presley' in the public domain." 
54. A lengthy article was recently posted on the Internet regarding 
    this question: "Was Elvis Presley Welsh?" 
55. "You ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of 
56. After all these years, Elvis still holds the record for most 
    chart singles, most Top 10 singles and most weeks at No. 1. Only the 
    Beatles had more No. 1 hits. 
57. Kurt Russell's movie debut, at age 10, was kicking Elvis in the 
    shin in "It Happened at the World's Fair." 
58. From a recent posting on the "Elvis Tales" Web site: "I am from 
    Iran. I just want to take time to say that Elvis is a God in my 
    country and one of the main reasons that I came to America." 
59. The world "Elvis" is an anagram for "lives." 

60. Even Ivy-League Princeton University has an Elvis Web site, 
    called "Pelvis." 
61. David Letterman did a Top 10 list of "Things Elvis Would Say if 
    He Came Back Today." No. 10: "I've been dead for 20 years, and I 
    still look better than Keith Richards." 62. The Flying Elvi, the 10- 
    member skydiving team featured in "Honeymoon in Vegas," is still 
    vailable for hire. 
63. The B-sides. 
64. Last month, the University of Arkansas Press released "All Shook 
    Up: Collected Poems about Elvis" which included works by Joyce Carol 
    Oates, Charles Bukowski, and others. 
65. Bob Meyer is the founder of a group called Americans for Cloning 
    Elvis. Thousands of people have signed his online petition. 
66. Elvis Costello. 
67. The opening chant of "Blue Suede Shoes." 
68. Rhinestones. 
69. The "Aloha from Hawaii" special on DVD. 
70. "The Elvis Presley Scholarship Fund" at the University of 
71. Shooting out the TV set. 
72. The "ugh!" between "I'm in love" and "I'm all shook up." 
73. A new product line of "Elvis-style seasonings" includes 
    Jailhouse Rock (BBQ), King Creole (Cajun) and the all-purpose "G.I. 
74. The Sun Studios. 
75. Libertyland, the Memphis amusement park that Elvis used to rent 
    out late at night for his friends. You can still go on his favorite 
    ride, the Zippin Pippin. 
76. Bruce Springsteen jumping the fence at Graceland. 
77. The Overton Park Shell in Memphis, where Elvis first performed. 
78. The opening two notes of "Jailhouse Rock." 
79. The talking part of "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" 
80. The Grammy-winning gospel recordings. 
81. The movie "2000 Miles from Graceland" - proof that Hollywood 
    will green-light anything if it involves Elvis. 
82. The Jordanaires. 
83. "The Memphis Mafia," the role model for posses everywhere. 
84. The Tennessee Karate Institute, where Elvis worked out, will be 
    the site of a memorial tournament on Aug. 17. 
85. "That's Alright Mama," his first 45, and possibly still the 
86. "In the Ghetto" - Elvis' plea for racial understanding and 
87. Col. Tom Parker, his manager. No fiction writer could invent a 
    character like that. 
88. The Loudermilk Boarding House in Cornelia, Ga., has more than 
    30,000 pieces of Elvis memorabilia. One of them is the "Maybe Elvis 
    Toenail" that the owner picked up on a tour of Graceland. 
89. "50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong." 
90. Erin Brockovich has a life-sized Elvis statue inside her front 
91. Andy Warhol's paintings of Elvis. 
92. The Pennsylvania Lottery's Elvis instant game. 
93. Sotheby's is auctioning a jukebox given by RCA Records to Elvis 
    containing 50 of his hit singles. It's expected to go for as much as 
94. "Elvis Day by Day," a book that faithfully reconstructs it all. 
95. "American Trilogy" - now more than ever. 
96. Krispy Kreme doughnuts lists Elvis as "a great fan." 
97. Giving away Cadillacs to friends and strangers - how cool is 
98. Rock 'n' roll - which, like Elvis, can never die. 
99. 25 years after his death, he still sells copies of the Daily 
100. "Thank you. Thank you very much." 

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