miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

Elvis’ Christmas Album” reached gold record status

Elvis' Christmas Album" reached gold record status
"Elvis' Christmas Album" reached #1 on Billboard's album chart during the 1957 holiday season. Elvis's version of "Blue Christmas," now considered a rock 'n' roll holiday classic, is played on radio stations across the country every December. Of course, " Elvis Christmas Album " was reissued every holiday season after its first appearance in 1957. During the Yule season of 1963, sales of the album finally reached the one million mark, earning it gold record status. It was Elvis's sixth gold album at the time. In the 40 odd years since then, Elvis first Christmas LP has continued to sell in a multitude of repackaged recording products. The popularity of Elvis first Christmas recordings has outlived most of the critics who condemned them over 50 years ago..

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