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November 23, On this day in Elvis history

November 23, 1955
Elvis went shopping in Memphis. He spent over $600 at a camara shop named Ed's.
November 23, 1956
Elvis performed at the Arena, Cleveland, Ohio.A young amateur photographer who worked for his high school newspaper, was invited to photograph Elvis Presley at the Cleveland Arena, Ohio. A labor strike at the three major newspapers in Cleveland that day meant that the then 17 year-old Lew Allen was the only photographer at the show.
Louis Balint, an unemployed sheet-metal worker, punched Elvis Presley at Toledo's Commodore Perry Hotel. He claimed that his wife's love of Presley led to his divorce; he was later jailed when he could not pay the fine ($19.60) for the assault.
November 23, 1957
"Lawdy Miss Clawdy," the B-side of "Trying To Get To You," hit #15 in the U.K.
November 23, 1960
National release of GI Blues, which reached No. 2 in Variety's list of top-grossing movies.
A version of Flaming Star with only two songs in it is previewed in Westchester, CA; it is later selected for general release and goes into Variety's list of top-grossing movies at No. 12. Advanced screenings of a version of the movie with four songs were previewed and polls were taken, resulting in the songs "Britches" and "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" being cut from the final version of the movie. Polls were also taken on November 25.

November 23, 1966
Nationwide release of Spinout.

November 23, 1970
Elvis flew back to Memphis and arrived early the next morning. During his short stay in Memphis he arranged a gun permit for his father.
November 23, 1971
"I'm Leavin'" hit #23 in the UK.
November 23, 1974
The album "Having Fun With Elvis On Stage" hit #130 in the U.S.
November 23, 1976
There was a bit of trouble at the gates of Graceland. This was the second night in a row that Jerry Lee Lewis appeared at the gates in the early morning. He was waving with a gun and demanded to see Elvis. According to witnesses he was screaming and cursing, and the police said that the singer was sitting in his car with a loaded 38 derringer resting on his knee when they arrived. Elvis watched the whole thing on the closed-circuit monitors.

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