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December 01, On this day in Elvis history


Elvis and the Colonel had a meeting with RCA executives. Pictures of Elvis and the Colonel, Elvis and Steve Sholes and Elvis and fellow RCA recording artists Eddy Arnold who happened to be in New York for a session. The photo's are taken in RCA's Twenty-fourth Street studio, along with posed action shots that would be used on the back of Elvis' first album.
December 01,1956
Elvis Presley's single "Any Way You Want Me" hit #27 in the U.S. 
Elvis donated $1,050 so that all 1,400 Humes High School students could go to the annual E.H. Crump Memorial Football Game for the Blind.
December 01,1960
Elvis watched the movie Let's Make Love (1960) and was delighted to hear Marilyn Monroe, Ives Montand and Frankie Vaughn sing about him and the Colonel in a song titled "Specialization" Monroe knew who Elvis was, and this pleased Elvis. Although he wanted to meet the sex goddness, he never did.
Elvis had pledged a total of $10,000 to the Memphis Jewish Community Center Building Fund and paid a $2,500 installment on this date.
December 01, 1968
Elvis was on the cover of TV Times dressed in black leather.
Elvis went shopping in the Optique Boutique. He bought a pair of silver "goggles with reverse fade" and gold prescription glasses, with the initials "EP" and a TCB lightning bolt molded to the frame.
December 01, 1970
Vice President Agnew and Elvis met to talk about the rock 'n' roll world and how it (or Elvis) may have indirectely influenced drug problems in America.
December 01, 1977
The album "Elvis Country" was certified gold by the RIAA. 

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