lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011


Mushy Callahan, World Junior Welterweight boxing champion from 1926-1930, became a Hollywood boxing consultant and worked with Elvis on Kid Galahad for United Artists in November of 1961. Callahan's assistant was Al Silvani, trainer and cornerman to Floyd Patterson, Jake LaMotta, Rocky Graziano and Carmen Basilio.
Callahan liked working with Elvis. The two got along very well and respected each other and their fields of expertise.When Callahan saw that Elvis was taking their daily training sessions seriously, he responded with greater enthusiasm and taught Elvis some more difficult techniques. When the movie's fight scenes were filmed, Elvis came across as a true boxer.
Years later, Callahan was asked how it was to work with Elvis, and he made the following statement: "Most of your actors don't like to get hit in the face. Can you blame them? But the best one I ever had was Elvis Presley. A real nice guy. He always showed up on time,came alone. He was also really interested in learning something. That was in "Kid Galahad." He never had gloves on before but he was tough. Karate, Judo - he knew it all. I'd say, on the street, Elvis had to be the best of them. All quick hands. He would get down and rip you apart. A very nice guy!"

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