jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

Flaming Star


  Flaming Star took two and a half years and many title changes to get to the screen. It was originally announced in April 1958 that The Brothers of Broken Lance by Cliff Huffaker was to be published by Random House. Twentieth Century - Fox bought the movie rights before the book was published. One month later Random House said that it might change the title of the book to the probable movie title, The Brothers of Flaming Arrow. On May 27, 1958, it was announced that Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra were set to play the roles of the two brothers. Filming was to have begun on June 16, 1958, but negotations with the two stars broke down. In the meantime the title was changed to Flaming Lance
   Two years later, on June 12, 1960, it was announced that Elvis had signed to star in Flaming Lance. Before the cameras rolled on August 16, 19609. the title was again changed, this time to Flaming Heart, and then to Black Star. During filming, the title became Black Heart.
Finally, on September 2, 1960. Flaming Star was chosen as the films title.

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