jueves, 18 de junio de 2015

at the end of 1957.

So here we are at the end of 1957.

Elvis picks up his draft notice on December the 20th and is pictured at Graceland.The christmas tree is in the background and It looks to be dark outside. Later that evening ,Friday 20th December 1957, Elvis drove a rented truck for the 200 mile trip from Memphis to Nashville, with Cliff Cleaves and Lamar Fike , Billy Smith,following in the Lincoln.
Saturday 21st December 1957,1215 Gallatin Road South Madison,Tennessee 37115
Elvis give's the Colonel Parker his christmas Present,a BMW red Isetta sports car.
"It is snug" observed Colonel Parker.
The nashville press were on hand to gets Elvis's thoughts on Military service. Elvis tried on some military clothes provided by a photographer - George Barker , from 'The Tennessean'
"The uncomfortable feel of GI tweeds draws a grimace from Elvis Presley as he tries on, just for fun, a set of fatigues given to him by a photographer as a Christmas present. Presley came to Nashville to distribute some presents of his own. Photo taken 12/21/1957.
"I guess I'll be wearing this stuff for real,soon" Elvis remarked to reporters.

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