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Elvis Presley Enterprises products in 1956

  Over 78 Elvis Presley Enterprises products were manufactured in 1956. Some of these sold nationwide included bobby socks, combs, brushes, pillows,toy guitars, cologne, Plaster of Paris busts, jewelry, pencils, celluloid buttons and banners.
  The products were sold in the following stores throughout the United States in 1956:
Sears & Roebuck
Montgomery Ward
W.T. Grant
AMC Stores
Allied Department Stores
H.L. Green
Whelan Drugs
  All purchases had to be paid for in cash and were non-refundable.
Howard Bell was the manufacturer of Elvis Presley Enterprises Merchandise for Special Products, Inc.

1. The very first product produced By Elvis Presley Enterprises was a glow-in-the-dark photo that sold for $1.00

2. The second product was lipstick:
                                  Hound Dog Orange
                                  Heartbreak Pink
                                  Love-Ya Fuchsia
                                 Tender Pink
                                 Cruel Red
They were manufactured by Teenager Lipstick Corp. in Beverley Hills, Calif. and sold for $1.00 each

3. Elvis T shirts sold for $1.50 each

4. Elvis Doll $3.98.

5.Randolph Manufacturing Company produced Elvis sneakers. They came in a tan box featuring a large picture of Elvis holding a guitar on the lid and a cut-out portrait of Elvis with an autograph of Elvis on the bottom. 

6.Faith Shoe Company made the Elvis Presley Skimmer pumps in a variety of colors. The leather version was $4.99 and the cloth version was $3.99.

7 An automatic Elvis Presley 45 rpm Victrola ( model 7EP45) sold for $44.95. Included was an RCA-Victor triple pocket EP, Elvis Presley. This product was sold on a special easy payment plan of a dollar down and a dollar a week.

8 Elvis adjustable photo rings sold for 49¢  at Woolworths and $1.00 at Nordstorms.

9. Red white and blue Elvis mittens sold for $1.50 a pair

10. Elvis wallets, in a variety of styles cost anywhere between 59¢ to $1.00.

11. Elvis Stationary sets sold for $1.00

12. Elvis scarves sold for $1.49

13.  7" bronze statues of Elvis with a guitar sold for $1.00 each

14. Elvis Rock -n-roll purse sold for $1.00

15 Pocket sized, battery operated Elvis personal fans sold for $2.00

16 Elvis jeans sold for $2.98

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