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Lamar's Comments & Other about the Supposed London Trip

Lamar's Comments & Other about the Supposed London Trip

More feedback on Elvis visiting London: EIN asked the person with Elvis during his time in Germany, Lamar Fike, for a comment on the claim Elvis secretly visited London. Succinctly, Lamar replied:

"This did not happen."

We also appreciated Peter Turner's comments on the claim:

The only time Elvis was given permission to leave Germany during his service was when he was allowed to make a trip to Paris. He hired a limo to take him and the guys in his entourage, there and back. With him were:- Red West, Lamar Fike and great army buddy, Rex Mansfield. Check out Rex`s excellent book `Sergeant Presley` co-written with his wife Elisabeth, who also worked as Elvis`s live-in secretary in the house in Bad Nauheim during those years. (No mention in the book of a `London trip`.)

On the Paris trip they did get to meet some Brits....a troupe of English dancing girls from a Paris nightclub they went to, who spent an evening with the guys in El`s hotel suite playing scrabble and discussing Parisian architecure. Then of course, there was his stopover in Prestwick on the way back to the USA and demobilisation.

But that was the total sum of Elvis`s `extra-Germanic` activities to foreign countries. Period!

Also, no way would he have gone to London on his own! At the very least Red & Lamar would have gone too. They were at his side for all `off-base` actvities, plus Rex also. They even had two fist-fights in Paris with guys pissed off at their `gals` being more in love with The King than them.

And yet no-one recogised the most famous face on the planet...flying to and from London...on his own........ in 1958?
Yes..of course!

Finally why would this still be such a state- 2008? (The CIA might assasinate Tommy?) If it happened, why not confirm it, instead of mysterious talk of pledges of silence. You can tell from Steele`s response that he doesn`t want to call his mate a liar in print, or actually confirm it, otherwise he`d be going along with the fantasy, so he`s masked it all in press double-speak, which actually, speaks volumes! Kenwright should go into business with Jeffrey Archer.

PS: Tommy has also mentioned in the past, that he saw Buddy Holly & The Crickets playing live in Norfolk Viginia, when he was out there as a Merchant seaman. He recalls they sang `Not Fade Away`.A few things to ponder in relation to this:- Steele was out of the MN and doing his first stint at the 2-I`s by July 1956. At that time there were no `Crickets`, Holly was still trying to get something away in Nashville..and `Not Fade Away` was a year off.

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