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In Loving Memory of Charlie Hodge



12/14/34 - 03/03/06 Rest in Peace Dear Friend

Charlie was truly a great friend to Elvis and remained loyal to him all of both of their lives. He first met Elvis in the Army, even though their paths had crossed earlier when Charlie was singing with The Foggy Mountain Boys. Charlie could always make you smile, or laugh out loud, and at times when Elvis was down, and in the early Army days when his grief for his mother was so raw, Charlie was there to see him through. He was a friend Elvis could depend on, and there were times Elvis did just that.  For those of us who knew Charlie, he made you feel special. He was fun to be with and his imitations of famous people were hysterical. He had a sense of humor as wicked as Elvis. When Elvis died, he had to move out of Graceland, where he had lived for 20 years. Elvis' death had hit him so hard and then to be forced to find other living arrangements all took a toll on Charlie. But he finally was able to face life and then he met and married Jennifer. He fought cancer, and alcohol and entertained fans in Pigeon Forge.  A light went out when Charlie died.  We all miss him and treasure our memories.

These two By Sandi Miller

Sandi Miller

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