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Outside RCA Hollywood during rehearsals on January 15, 1970 for his second Las Vegas season which was to run from January 26th to February 23rd

With fans in Las Vegas on August 26, 1970

Getting his Honarary Police Badge in Denver Colorado on November 17, 1970 before his concert at the Coliseum
Top colour photo from George in Denver
The caption below the colour photo on George's blog reads, "Dad with Elvis, circa '69 or '70. Elvis holds the Honorary Lieutenants badge my father presented to him".
For your information: Elvis Presley was fascinated with cops and the trappings of cops. While my father may have given him an honorary Lieutenants badge in probably '69 or '70, after my father retired, Elvis returned to Denver and the cops fawned all over the King - resulting in Elvis giving select officers brand new Cadillacs and Lincolns. Elvis was very generous. One short anecdote. The day Elvis met with my father, my father came home and, laughing like hell, related that Elvis spent the day kissing one woman after another -- mostly police department clerks and secretarys -- right on the lips. I suspect there are some pretty old ladies out there who still talk about the day they kissed the King.

On a commercial flight from Memphis to Denver in November (after the 17th) or December 1970
The photos come from the following web page - Little Rock Ski Club
In one of their newsletters there is mention of Elvis:
"Perhaps the most exciting early trip was to Vail in 1969 or 70. We flew on a direct Braniff flight from Little Rock to Denver. The flight originated in Memphis and on board waiting for us was none other than the King himself – Elvis! The first thing he did was to get on the intercom and sing "Love Me Tender" to the passengers. Then he made a trip through the cabin making a brief stop, talking to everyone, most of whom were ski club members. It was truly memorable and I have always admired him for his down to earth way of treating us on that day."
Getting a hug at LAPD headquarters on December 3, 1970 - Elvis was there to get a gold commissioner's badge from Chief Ed Davis 
Presley visited the offices of Los Angeles police chief Edward Davis. Stressing the importance of keeping this visit confidential, Elvis presented Davis's department with a check for $7,000 and gave Davis a Colt .45. The money provided toys for needy children in the community, and equipment for department needs. In the photo he may be hugging one of Davis' assistants

Cool purple shades at TJ's nightclub in Memphis to celebrate New Year's Eve on December 31, 1970

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