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the making of Viva Las Vegas part 2

What's more, it doesn't end until 12 hours later. Of the film shot in the day, approximately six minutes is usable. Therefore, it is understandable that "Viva Las Vegas" will cost in excess of $3,000,000.
Each day's filming is viewed the following day by Director George Sidney and Producer Jack Cummings. Then, if any scenes need a re-take, it can be done immediately in order to prevent a costly return trip to Las Vegas after the group has returned to Hollywood.

Premier in LV

Sidney hopes to finish shooting here by the weekend but the movie will not be wrapped up until late September. Cummings told the SUN that there is an excellent possibility that the pictures will be premiered here at Easter-time.
For the first time in his amazing career, Elvis has a name for his romantic lead and one who can share the vocal assignment.
Although the emphasis is primarily on the story, both he and Ann-Margret have production numbers, as well as duets.
The story line is relatively simple - the struggle by a young racing enthusiast to raise money to get his own car. Complicating matters is his romance with a shapely swimming instructor who doesn't cotton to the idea of a husband who spends Memorial Days whizzing around the Indianapolis Speedway.
There is a personal and professional rivalry, too, between Elvis and the leading European sports car racer, played by Cesare Danova.
Ah, there is a man! Cesare's latest film is "Cleopatra" in which he play's Liz' lover Apollodorus. After seeing him, one wonders how Burton stood a chance with Miss Taylor.

Language Expert

Master of five languages, the handsome Italian made his first film in his native Rome when he was 20. The six-foot-four former medical student with curly black hair, melodious voice and flashing smile, also recently starred in "Gidget Goes to Rome."
"Viva Las Vegas" is unique in that the spotlight is on "the other side" of Las Vegas rather than its casinos. The city is shown for the first time in a motion picture as a family vacation center, which it is to thousands of people, instead of just an oasis for quenching the gambling thirst.
The climax of the film will be a roaring, screeching sports car race through Las Vegas streets, across Boulder Dam and through the blazing desert.
At least six new numbers will be introduced in the picture, all of which Elvis will record. Interestingly enough, the 29-year-old often imitated bachelor has had 31 singles pass the million mark in sales, while Frank Sinatra has had none.
Although spectators are not allowed directly on the set, one can easily stand within seeing range. Filming will continue today, tomorrow and Friday at Lake Mead Marina.

By Gloria Reible
Las Vegas Sun
July 24, 1963

A photo from one of the cut scenes from the movie,which would have been at the end, after the existing wedding scene. This image shows members of the general public in the background,waiting for the action to commence, compare this to the photo lower down from the same location.

This image is an interesting one,as Elvis has on the jacket from this scene(below)but the shirt and tie from the wedding scene. Ann Margret's clothes don't appear in the finished movie so far as I can see.The car is the same in both scenes, with the white ribbons attached, so this looks like this is another shot from the cut wedding scene,and this maybe explained in that Elvis and his Co-star are getting ready for a camera rehersal in the car.

There were two types of Elva car ,one a Elva MK VI climax,and an Elva-Maserati (seen in beginning of the movie) developed in Hastings and constructed in Rye, East Sussex,UK. The car was then transported to the USA,and brought by Dan Blocker, had some modifications done and rented to MGM.*
Bob Harris,stunt driver explains
I also stunted five movies with Elvis Presley, What happened was I was racing exotic Can-Am cars for Dan Blocker for this TV series he was the star of called 'Bonanza.' Our race cars were very valuable and the people filming the movie 'Viva Las Vegas' wanted to borrow them. They said, 'You should use Bob, he's got dark hair, he's almost as tall as Elvis and not much older. When I did the driving it worked out well and Elvis liked me, so the next time they did something they were like, 'Let's get Bob again.' Once we became friends it was a given that I'd stunt double for him."


12.Dan Blocker and Elvis(Not on V.L.V)


Another image from the cut wedding scene,this time with background action/cast in view.
This image,and the one below are taken from this site via e-bay . ... ubmit.yZ23
Elvis in the driving seat,Ann Margret looks to have thrown her bouquet.

A publicity photograph from the end wedding scene.
The original suit worn by Elvis for the wedding scene

I haven't found any photographic evidence to either the rumored scene shot inside the chapel or 'Your the Boss' production number,although I do remember reading in a US video magazine in the early 1990's that 'Your the boss' was to feature in 'Thats Entertainment 3'. Any thoughts?


Elvis pictured from a scene in the movie filmed at the 'Tropicana Hotel' for the Folies Bergere scene. A brochure from 1963 Folies Bergere

A Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta on the left and the Elva MK VI car can be seen in a still from the movie .**

George Sidney

They said, "We'd like you to make a picture with Elvis because Elvis' pictures have gone to hell." I had never seen one. I looked at one and said, "Sure. The problem is he doesn't play opposite the girls. They only have close-ups of him."
So they had a story that he went out in desert and dug for oil. I decided to make a love story, one to show the good side of Vegas that I always loved. I had fun making the picture. They looked great together.
I think we became as friendly as you could with an illusion. When you meet him, he's behind a piece of glass and for those two minutes, that's the best you'll ever know him. They called him Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because he always had his people around him.
People ask me, how did I take him? I say, "What do you mean take him? We had (Greta) Garbo, (Clark) Gable, (Spencer) Tracy, (Fred) Astaire, (Gene) Kelly -- we had all those people. He was just another person."

Ann Margret and Elvis relax between takes at the Flamingo Hotel.


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